What happens if the valve is closed for a long time?

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Many users in the use of a variety of centrifugal pumps, do not know whether the valve can be closed, the operation of the valve closed, the pump will have no impact on the issue, in order to make clear, explained:

When the centrifugal pump outlet valve is not closed, if the flow is too small, it is only the efficiency of the centrifugal pump will decline, the wave cost, electricity, centrifugal pump equipment has little impact.

Once the valve is closed too small to a limit, the water in the pump cavity through the water high-speed rotation of the impeller in the pump cavity rapid cycling friction with the pump impeller and the friction medium will generate heat, no medium heat, will cause the pump body temperature rises rapidly, outlet pressure will rise, resulting in centrifugal pump noise and vibration performance of centrifugal pump will increase, will appear the phenomenon of instability.

Once in a small flow centrifugal pump closed under the operation or no flow operation, resulting in cavitation, resulting in pump vibration, seal leakage, bearing damage, even if the pump axle, the temperature is too high or even lead to dangerous pump body burst