How to solve leakage caused by pressure in water pump

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Leakage due to pressure

(1) high pressure and pressure wave caused by the mechanical seal leakage due to spring pressure and total pressure ratio design is too large and the sealing cavity pressure exceeds 3MPa, the seal face pressure is too large, it is difficult to form a film, sealing surface wear, heat increasing, sealing surface caused by thermal deformation.

Countermeasures: in the assembly machine seal, the amount of spring compression must be carried out according to the regulations, not allowed to have too large or too small phenomenon, mechanical seals under high pressure conditions should take measures. In order to make the end face force reasonable and reduce deformation as much as possible, hard alloy, ceramic and other materials with high compressive strength can be adopted, and the lubrication measures of cooling should be strengthened, and the transmission mode, such as keys and pins, can be chosen.

(2) caused by vacuum operation of mechanical seal leakage of the pump during starting and shutdown, the pump inlet is blocked, gas containing reasons such as pumping medium, may make the seal cavity negative pressure seal cavity, if negative, will cause seal dry friction, built-in mechanical seal will cause leakage phenomenon (water) different point, vacuum sealing and positive pressure sealing is the difference in direction sealing object, and mechanical seal has its adaptability in a certain direction.

Countermeasures: using double end mechanical seal, which helps to improve the lubrication conditions, improve sealing performance.

Leakage of mechanical seal caused by other problems

The design, selection and installation of mechanical seals are not reasonable enough

(1) the amount of spring compression according to certain provisions that are too large or too small phenomenon is not allowed, error 2mm, excessive compression increases the surface pressure, excessive heat caused by friction, heat sealing surface deformation and accelerated wear of surface, compression of small amount of dynamic and static ring end is not less than the pressure. Seal.

(2) the ends of the shaft (or sleeve) end of the dynamic ring sealing ring and the sealing gland (or shell) of the static ring sealing ring should be chamfered and repaired so as to avoid damaging the dynamic and static ring sealing ring when assembling.

The above summed up the mechanical seal leakage causes are more common. The mechanical seal itself is a kind of high precision parts, and has a high demand for the design, machining and assembly quality. In the use of mechanical seal, should analyze various factors of mechanical seal, mechanical seal pump is suitable for all kinds of technical requirements and the use of media requirements and be well lubricated, so as to ensure the sealing long-term reliable operation.