How to resist the cavitation and abrasion of water pump

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Requirements for surface protection materials and processes

Technical requirements for surface protective materials require that anti abrasion coatings must possess

(1) high strength and hardness to resist cavitation and abrasion; (2) has a toughness, to absorb impact energy; (3) has a very high bond strength, to ensure that the coating in the pump the impact of high-speed water 30-35 meters per second without peeling; (4) coating materials required the price is moderate, in order to ensure the promotion and use in large and medium-sized pumping stations and the large volume of rural small pumping station; (5) coating material should be non-toxic, non flammable, explosive materials, convenient storage and transportation, do not pollute the environment in the vicinity of.

Processing technology requirements, in order to ensure the promotion and application of surface protection technology, processing technology must be done:

Spray welding protection technology is a kind of metal surface protection technology developed with the development of low melting point powder material and spraying and surfacing. Because the spraying layer through the remelting process, coating density without holes, smooth surface, such as material saving, good quality and high efficiency advantages of spray welding layer surface hardness can be up to HRC60-70, can flow part several times or even ten times prolong the service life of the pump.

Optimization of spray welding alloy powder material